“This beautiful stone relief of Zoroaster made by Bruce, occupies a permanent place in our family room. It demonstrates to us the ability of the artist to work in different mediums in a seamless manner and create a true image of the subject. 
As the followers of Zoroastrianism, a green religion,  it constantly reminds us of the three main directives of the religion: ‘Good Words, Good Thoughts and Good Deeds'”
Jal and Yasmin, Surrey, BC

“I approached Bruce to create a Steampunk version of two animal totems my spouse and I share. The horse, named Shadowmane, has physical and spiritual power. The owl, Whisper, has clairvoyance (sometimes seen as wisdom) and magic both black and white.
Bruce with his insight, knowledge of his medium and his artistic talent brought both these spirit totems together in a profound way. Their essence graces our home, reminding both of us that although we are unique beings we do have similarities which bond us.”
Terri and Ross