Traditional Greenman in basswood. 12″h  x 8″w  x 4″d. 

$850 – See at the Federation of Canadian Artists April 4 – 18


“Emma” is a delightful torso in a contraposto pose presented in limestone. She is 10″h x 4″w x 3″ d. 

$495 – See at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery April 4 – 18

Come From Away

Over the horizon they came and around the world they went! A balance of asymmetry, colours and textures in a beautifully finished, durable composition. Granite, Sodalite and Bronze.


Full Moon

“Full Moon” is a succesful multimedia sculpture originating from unusual alabaster. A Remarque on the back is also an unusual feature! The wolf calls to the moon…does the moon answer? 12″ h x 8″ w x 8″ d

$1750 – Available at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery April 4 – 18

Frog Friends

“Frog Friends” is 8″ x 7″ x 6″ of beautiful Indian soapstone. It was so much fun to sculpt and would be so much fun to own! 


Reframe Our Thinking

Continuing my Heads Up People! series of sculptures emphasizing human issues and commentary on the human condition. Reframe Our Thinking reminds us that our attitude affects our outcomes as much as the facts themselves. The Buddist monk Hotei, sometimes called the Laughing Buddha, represents how we best can perceive our situation. Carrara marble, with gold leaf and granite base.

7″ w x 7″ d x 11″ h.


Gild the Lily

An interplay of familiar forms with unusual, contrasting but complimentary colours and textures. Invites touch and further investigation! A playful sculpture of onyx and gilded lilies and bronze foliage with a marble base. 15″h x 10″w x 5″d


Thinking Globally

Greta Thunberg is a champion of the world pro-environmental movement. In this tribute to her leadership, she is cautiously optimistic we can overcome the challenge of preserving the health of the globe. Marble, granite and gold leaf. 6″ w x 7″ d x 11″ h


Thinking Outside of the Box

If we are going to have half a chance to get ourselves out of the troubles we are in, we are going to have to “think outside of the box”. The scupture is an interplay of geometric form and familiar natural shapes. The natural colours and textures only stone can have invite touch and further investigation. Brazilian negrita with granite base. 6″ w x 7″ d x 8″ h. See the 3D model here


Garry Oak Community

Unique wildlife composition with the centrepiece frog which has jade eyes. The cast bronze mouse, slug and wren are watching the other community inhabitants. The rich colours and natural forms add to the interest of this seminal work.  Sienna marble cast bronze, oak base. Designed for the base to be removed if desired. 12″w x 10.5″d x 21″ h. 


“The Water Bearer” is classic contrapposto renderng in beautiful basswood. She is 13″h x 3″w x 3″d. Juried into the Federation of Canadian Artists and 1st place in expert category winner in the 2022 Richmond Carving Society annual show


First Hugs/After the COVID

We all need a little more art. Classic lines in a current context. 6″ w x 6″ d x 12″ h. Onyx, mahogany and wonderstone base


Seafoam Eagle

Onyx with beautiful contour, line and texture 14”w 6”d 10”h with limestone base. See the sculpture at Fathom Stone Art Gallery, Whistler BC




A contemplative figurative sculpture of featuring a gentle model, Emily. Clay with faux bronze finish. 19″h x 8″w x 7″d including base. 

Not for Sale – call to enquire about your own personalised sculptural tribute (604) 536-7324

Catch a Wave

“Catch a Wave” is narrative about a sailboat cresting a wave. The boat crests the wave…what happens next?  A strongly organic work with sweeping contours curving in 3 dimensions creating the movement and complimented by the geometric angles created by the intersection of the curving planes. Curves are echoed in sailboat, the crest and body of the wave. The sensuous nature of the smooth black stone invites a touch….maybe a caress!  Marble 17″h x 9″w x 7″d.


Ice Bears

“Ice Bears” mother bear and cub. Italian alabaster on their own marble ice floe. Inlayed noses of wonderstone. They are 9″h x 11″w x 11″d including the base. Canadiana and a heart warming composition. See the sculpture at Fathom Stone Art Gallery, Whistler, BC


Beluga Dance

When the contours and composition of a marble carving are just right, it just wants to be touched. That’s how it is with “Beluga Dance”. Carrara marble together with turquoise accented hardwood burl base, it will be a popular sculpture. They are 20″high x 10″wide x 9″deep. See the sculpture at Fathom Stone Art Gallery, Whistler. View the 3D video of the sculpture here.


Golden Vine

An indulgence in my passion for the human form! “Golden Vine” is 18″ high x 9″  wide x 10″ deep. She is made from statuario Carrara marble. The vine is made from turquoise inlay and 24k gold leaf. Call 604 536 7324 to view the sculpture.


Together We Can Save the World

Humanity has an opportunity to reverse the damage done to our world by putting “economy” before “environment”. “Together We Can Save the World”. Carrara marble, African wonderstone, , steatite and serpentine. 6″ high x 8″ diameter. See the sculpture by calling 604 536 7324 or see the 360 degree video at “Together We Can Save the World”. Call 604 536 7324 to view the sculpture.

$2900 – See at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery April 4 – 18

Giant Pacific Octopus

“Giant Pacific Octopus” is 70lb of beautiful brazillian soapstone. 12″ high x 20″ long and 16″ deep. It was loaned to the San Juan Islands Museum of Art for the Deep Dive exhibition June-September 2019. 


Mother and Child

I purchased marble from Massimo Galleni Scultore atelier last summer and am really enjoying working with the material. Smooth, soft and lustrous it lends itself so well to beautiful figurative sculpture. Carrara marble, 13″ high with African wonderstone base. Call 604 536 7324 to view the sculpture.

$1250 Available at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery April 4 – 18

Blushing Rose


In some cultures, women wear a flower behind their ear, or on their clothing so that suitors can know if she woman is interested in a new relationship. A rose worn behind the right ear indicates “I’m available”. A little abashed, Blushing Rose shyly demurs. Honours to Michaelangelo for his inspiration. Blushing Rose is 12″ h x 14″ w x 12″ d. It is alabaster with the rose corsage of translucent Italian alabaster. See the 360 degree video by click on “Blushing Rose” or call 604 536 7324 to view the sculpture.


Don’t Mess With Mama

Where my family and I live in British Columbia, bear sightings are common and it is important to be “bear-aware”.  Mother bears will protect their cubs to the death…and don’t mess with Mama! 12″ h x 14″ w x 10″ d including base. Serpentine, chlorite, sandstone and oak.  Call 604 536 7324 to view the sculpture or See the 360 degree video at Don’t Mess with Mama


Whale Dance

Three Orca Whales Dancing around, and emerging from, a single piece of chlorite stone. I love the action and shapes of this piece. Texture as smooth and lifelike as an orca whale’s skin. “Whale Dance” is 20″ high x 13″ wide and 8″ deep. “Whale Dance” was loaned to the San Juan Islands Museum of Art for the Deep Dive exhibition June-September 2019. See the 360 degree video at “Whale Dance” or view the sculpture at Fathom Stone Art Gallery, Whistler


My Elephant

This little guy was so much fun to create for a new collector. At 4″ high this soapstone critter 360 degree video can be seen at “My Elephant


Sailing Waveform

“Sailing Wave Form” was inspired by my trip to Italy in June. It was a sculpture in Carrara marble, which I hope to try again in Michelangelo’s favourite media. It is 12″ l x 3″ d x 7″  h. You can see the 360 degree video at “Sailing Waveform” or call 604 536 7324 t see the alabaster sculpture.


Ghost of Aurora

“Ghost of Aurora” was inspired by the early death of Aurora, a beluga whale in captivity, and an actual photo of a diver with a whale in Japan. Translucent alabaster scultpure which is 11″ wide and 6.5″ tall. You can see the 360 degree video at “Ghost of Aurora” or call 604 536 7324 to see the sculpture.


Orca Family

“Orca Family” is carved from Kisi Stone from Africa. The contours of the whales invite touch, and the shape of the whales tails are classic! The beautiful maple wood burl base are a beautiful organic touch to the overall sculpture. It is 15″ long x 14″ high x 9 ” wide. View the 360 degree video of the sculpture at “Orca Family



Torso, Blowin’ in the Wind

“Torso, Blowin’ in the Wind” is white alabaster with a granite base. It’s a whimsical rendering inspired by my research to learn more about the history and technique of carving cloth and drapery.


Beluga Family

Aurora and Quila sadly died at the Vancouver Aquarium. We visited them many times beginning when our children were infants. “Beluga Family” is of Carrara marble, from the same Italian quarries as the great renaissance master drew their stone. They are 14″ long and 9″ high including the granite base.

Click on “Beluga Family” to view the 360 degree video.


Bruce Kleeberger

2653 Country Woods Drive, Surrey, BC, Canada V3Z 0E6

(604) 536-7324